How large can I print this mobile image?

Can I get a good quality print from an iPhone photo? The simple answer is yes, yes you can!

How big can you go and the quality you will get depends on the image resolution and the age of your phone. Here are some specs and info to help determine the size and quality of the printed photo. Let’s take a look at the rear camera specs of the three newer iPhone generations:

What does this mean for print size? Here’s the deal – with a larger megapixel camera there will be more pixels per inch (ppi) on the print and that means a higher resolution image.

A print from any of the iPhone models above would easily get you a crisp print at 8×10”, 11×14” or 12×18” at full resolution. If you wanted an even larger print, let’s say something as big as 24-30”, there could be some quality shift because an increase of size causes a lower ppi, but still a ‘good’ quality print nonetheless. Now let’s throw in the camera specs from an iPhone 8, this rear camera photographs at 7 megapixels and inherently the image quality will be lower than that of the more recent models of the iPhone, but you could still get great 4×6”, 5×7” and 8×10” prints from those mobile photos.

Keep in mind as an FYI that when you zoom in using the native camera app on your phone while taking a photo or when cropping and editing, there will be a loss in image quality. What does that mean for you and ordering prints from that photo? Unfortunately you may not be able to print as large or as crisp as you might want to, but have no fear – canvas and metal prints come to the rescue! Canvas and metal prints are a perfect solution for a lower quality image. The finishes of metal and canvas are more forgiving than the finish of traditional prints allowing you to print at a lower resolution, but still have a professional look and good quality print.