Customers that wish to leave with us items such as collectibles, fine art, antiquities, brittle paper, glass, fragile materials, or any items of value are advised to obtain their own insurance coverage prior to leaving their materials or digital files with us. Upon request and an additional charge, we’ll work with you to arrange scanning of your materials at an appointed time so as not to leave them unattended. There is an inherent risk of loss or damage involved in leaving your materials with us and by placing an order, you acknowledge and accept that risk. You represent and warrant that no materials submitted to us are submitted in violation of copyright laws, and that any materials submitted were either created by you or you have written permission of the copyright holder prominent.

The Camera Shop of Michigan Inc dba The Camera Shop of Muskegon is the vendor for all products and services other than those related to custom framing. The Camera Shop of Lansing Inc dba Wheaton’s is the vendor for all custom framing services.”