Video Transfer Services

Video transfer services: VHS tapes • Compact VHS tape • Mini-DV

Tape to DVD:Price Per Tape:
1-5 tapes$29.97
6-20 tapes$25.97
21-40 tapes$21.97
41+ $17.97

$40 for VHS to USB regardless of quantity

Duplicate copies of completed DVDs or USM are $15.00 each.

Reel Film Transfers

8mm • Super 8 • 16mm

Reel to DVD or USBReel to Reel Pricing
Movie Reel under 400ft $99
Movie Reel Over 400ft $40 set up fee $0.37 per foot

Duplicate DVD or USB copies: $15 each

Audio Reel Transfers

Audio reel transfer is $40 setup with .37 cents per foot

Audio tapes is $45 per 30 min

video transfer services

First steps. The family trip. Little League. Video transfer services and more!

There’s no time like the present to preserve your most important moments and memories for the future. From 1980’s VHS tapes to 8mm movie film, we work with just about every video media out there. Simply drop your tapes and movie reels off and we’ll magically digitize the contents, then transfer the video footage to DVD, USB drive or cloud servers for reliable, compact storage and easy viewing on today’s technology. Make as many copies as you’d like, and distribute them freely to share those memories of triumph, humor and happiness caught on camera. Video transfer services at The Camera Shop and Video makes it easy.

How it works:

  • Drop off your video, movie or audio media to be digitized at our store.
  • Choose from DVD, USB drive, or digital download.
  • Your memorabilia is cared for by our trained archiving experts, who will treat your materials with the utmost care.
  • About a week later, return to pick up your DVD, or USB drive containing your footage.
  • Your items never leave our property or get shipped away.
  • We return all original media to you after the process is complete.

Who else needs a copy? Video transfer services

The best way to share your renewed video and movie footage is by getting family members their very own copy. It’s no fun to pass the same DVD or USB drive around to family across the world, and the digital movie files are too large for online sharing. Video transfer services solves the problems. As you’re embarking on your project, think of grandparents, parents, siblings, cousins, children and grandchildren who may appreciate a copy today (or when they’re grown up).

We keep your treasures safe and local.

We never recommend shipping away family archives, treasured photos and irreplaceable home video movies. It’s too risky. The Camera Shop of Muskegon has been professionally preserving memories for over 30 years.

Video + Film Formats

video transfer services
video transfer services
video transfer services