Tips + Tricks For Preserving The Family History

Tips + Tricks for preserving the family history. Why should I protect my photos + home movies? Peace of mind. Aging photos and memorabilia are at risk for deterioration, misplacement, and destruction in their current state. Digitizing these treasures is like insurance in case of loss, theft, water damage, fire, and other environmental hazards.

Collect + Sort

  • Locate, gather and collect the photos you want to work with. Search in the obvious places, but also drawers, inside frames, or with other family members.
  • Sort your prints into piles based on the event, person/subject or whatever method makes sense to you.
  • Temporarily store each pile in a plastic bin or durable envelope. Label the container with the contents so you know exactly what is inside.
  • If you need professional assistance, let us know!


  • Drop off your printed memorabilia to be scanned and digitized at our store.
  • A little while later – return to pick up your digital storage device (DVD, USB drive, external drive, etc.), which will contain each scanned/digitized image as a .jpg file. We can also digitally deliver your files.
  • Store a backup copy of the files in your preferred cloud storage platform.
  • Your memorabilia is cared for by our trained archiving experts, who will treat your materials with the utmost care.
  • Your items never leave our property or get shipped away.
  • All original items are returned to you after the process is complete.

Share + Enjoy

  • Order multiple copies of the new digital files for family members. Consider grandparents, parents, siblings, children, and extended family or friends.
  • Post images on social media and share through email!
  • Order prints, creative gifts, and photo books with your new images.
  • Use them in slideshows, family Zoom calls, and other digital formats.
  • If you’re de-cluttering or downsizing, pass on the physical memorabilia so you no longer need to store it.


Once your memorabilia is digitized, each family member can have their very own digital copy of the files – no matter where they live.