Gary Fong SnootSkin Insert for Lightsphere

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The SnootSkin Insert from Gary Fong is an accessory that fits snugly inside a user-supplied 5th generation Lightsphere diffuser, converting it into a versatile snoot that adds directional control to your light and keeps it from spilling off to the sides. It creates a spotlight effect that makes it well-suited for use as a back light or hair light.

Featured at the top of the snoot is a small slot that allows you to insert a color filter. A 1/2 CTO warming filter already comes with the product, and many other colors are available separately. Also included in the package is a grid insert that can be used for an even tighter light beam, widening the range of lighting possibilities. The SnootSkin features a collapsible design that allows it to fold into a flat disk for simplified storage and transport.

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