Do you want to make the most out of your new digital or film camera? Do you already have a camera but want to learn or hone a certain skill? Join one of our in-store camera experts for our newly remodeled and updated one-on-one camera classes! We now offer coaching for almost any photo or video topic you can think of both in digital and film all without having to raise our old great price of $75 per hour!


Schedule a One-on-One Class any time after hours during the workweek by emailing (!


Meet our Camera Experts!

Jonathon Lipscombe

Jonathon Lipscombe is our Social Media Manager and in-store camera expert on all things digital photography and videography. Jonathon started his portrait photography career while still in middle school and now 8 years later, is a published portrait photographer that has grown his business to encompass a vast array of photography and videography skills. He also recently started a media company focusing on capturing couples’ and families’ most special memories and adventures! So, whether you have just purchased your first DSLR or are stepping into the world of mirrorless cinematography, Jonathon is always happy and eager to get you equipped and confident with your next creative endeavor!

You can find Jonathon’s work on Instagram here: (@anchored.sonder & @michaelmaliamedia)  


Nathan Purchase

Nathan Purchase is our resident Sales Professional and in-store camera expert on all things film photography. Nathan started his film photography career while pursuing a bachelor’s degree in studio art with a specialization in photography at Michigan State University. Nathan then spent the next 10 years growing his photography into a full-time career as a traveling music manager and photographer. Nathan’s love for film photography was rejuvenated during the recent pandemic and prompted him to bring his expertise to The Camera Shop of Muskegon as well as begin the “Music Portrait Project.” He started this 35mm film project with the goal of connecting fans with their favorite musicians through film portrait photography. So, whether you are just starting out in the world of film photography or want to take it to the next level by learning about different film choices,

equipment, or genres, Nathan is prepared

and ready to help you with your next film adventure! 

You can find Nathan’s work on Instagram here:

(@purchase.nef & @musicportraitproject)