Zuma SV-3 LED Slide Viewer + AC Adapter

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This convenient kit combines the Z-SV3 LED Slide Viewer with the matching Z-SV3/AC AC Adapter for battery-free viewing.

Zuma Z-SV3 LED Slide Viewer

The task of viewing 2 x 2" mounted slides and unmounted 35mm filmstrips becomes easier when using the Zuma Z-SV3 LED Slide Viewer. Its generous 4 x 4" all glass viewing lens makes detailed examination of your images a snap. Two bright LED 6500K daylight-balanced bulbs provide bright and even illumination, and four user supplied AA batteries or the optional Zuma Z-SV3/AC AC Adapter provide power.

LED Light Source

Two LED lamps provide bright, even 6500K daylight-balanced illumination. Turn the light on and off with the click of a button.

View 2 x 2" Slides or 35mm Filmstrips

Drop 2 x 2" mounted slides into the slot at the top of the Viewer, then press the release to drop them into the receiving tray when finished. Unmounted 35mm Filmstrips simply slide in through the slots on either side of the unit.

All Glass Viewing Lens

The generous 4 x 4" all glass viewing lens provides 3X magnification for detailed viewing.

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