Westcott FJ80 II M Universal Touchscreen 80Ws Speedlight

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Breaking new ground, Westcott has rolled out the on-camera FJ80 Strobe with a 2.8" LCD touchscreen, fast response, multi-camera TTL compatibility, and the convenience of a removable, rechargeable, lithium-ion polymer battery that will give you 400 full-power flashes on a 2-hour charge. The FJ80 has a 9-stop power range in 0.1-stop and 1-stop increments, recycles in a fast 0.5 to 1.2 seconds, and is capable of 20 fps. It supports High Speed Sync up to 1/8000 second as well as front and rear curtain sync.

One of the FJ80's exciting features is its wide multi-brand TTL compatibility. The flash has an integrated 16-channel, 31-group, 2.4 GHz transceiver that can control multiple FJ200s, FJ400s, and FJ80s and is TTL compatible with Canon, Nikon, Sony (with adapter), FUJIFILM, Panasonic Lumix, and Olympus cameras when used on-camera as well as off-camera at distances up to 328' with separate purchase of a FJ-X2m Universal Wireless Trigger, an FJ80 Universal Speedlight with Built-In Transceiver, or another FJ80.

Round Head with Touchscreen

80Ws round head speedlight with large 2.8" LCD color touchscreen display

Multi-brand Capability

Multi-brand compatibility with many Canon, Nikon, Sony (with adapter), FUJIFILM, Panasonic Lumix, and Olympus cameras

Built-in Wireless Transceiver

Built-in wireless radio transceiver for FJ Wireless Flash System and Canon RT devices

High Battery Capacity and Fast Recycling

400+ full-power flashes per charge with fast recycle time of 0.5 to 1.2 seconds

Lightweight and Adjustable

Compact 1.18 lb speedlight (including battery) with 360-degree horizontal range and 90-degree vertical pivot range

Removable Battery

Removable 11.1VDC 1000mAh lithium-ion polymer battery

Stable Color

Color temperature stability of 5500K (±150K) across entire energy range

Continuous Capture

Continuous capture up to 20 frames per second

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