The Photographer's Guide to Posing



Posing is a crucial tool that can transform your photography by
bringing out the best in every subject who steps in front of your lens.
The Photographer’s Guide to Posing: Techniques to Flatter Everyone by Lindsay Adleris your go-to resource for mastering the art of posing.

In this book, Lindsay discusses elements that affect your subject’s
appearance in photographs, including how your camera sees, camera
angle, lens choice, perspective, body position, and more. She also
shares common “posing pitfalls” that can ruin an otherwise beautiful
poses and guides you through her posing essentials. You’ll learn how
to create endless posing opportunities by making small adjustments
to a base pose; you’ll also explore the critical techniques for bringing
out the best in various types of subjects, including men, women, curvy
women, and couples. Lindsay also covers the most flattering poses for
subjects in different types of portraits, including maternity, boudoir,
family, and more. She addresses challenges and provides go-to poses
to get you started. Finally, this book covers how to train your eye to
recognize potential posing problems and teaches you how to create
flattering solutions.

Written by award-winning photographer and best-selling author
Lindsay Adler, this book is an incredible resource for establishing a
deeper understanding of how to successfully pose your subjects. It’s
also a fantastic quick-reference guide for your next portrait shoot!

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