Rocky Nook The Photograph: Composition and Color Design



The Photograph: Composition and Color Design from Rocky Nook is geared toward the intermediate or advanced photographer who strives to create outstanding images. In this second edition, author and photographer Harald Mante explains elements that are essential to achieving a high level of visual design in your photographs. Principles of line, shape, point, color, contrast, composition, and design are explored as well as a number of techniques to enhance expression in a photograph and support the photographer's intention. With both the hobbyist and professional in mind, as well as those who practice, study, critique, and administer in the visual arts, this unique book is an invaluable reference source for anyone involved in photography. Included are more than 750 images from the author's own portfolio as well as 160 diagrams to accompany the in-depth lessons. The second edition includes 60 new images and illustrations as well as new chapters that cover shape and color analysis, plus a discussion of the square image format.

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