Rocky Nook The Art of B&W Photography

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While most current books on photography address the latest breed of digital cameras and digital workflow, The Art of Black and White Photography, 2nd Edition from Rocky Nook, bucks this trend. Author and photographer Torsten Andreas Hoffmann focuses on composition and capture, with an emphasis on the creative side of black and white photography rather than the technology and software. After introducing the ground rules of composition, Hoffmann illustrates their applications with his own superb black and white images that cover various photographic genres, including architecture, street photography, portraiture, and surreal photography. Also discussed is his concept of "photographic language," an aesthetic and technique that distinguishes creative photography from random shooting. Valuable post-processing techniques, mostly using Photoshop, explain the necessary processes for creating outstanding black and white images in the digital era.

This second edition has been updated to include Photoshop CS5, as well as brand new images, content, and a revised layout.

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