Promaster Tapestry Strap QR - Black & White

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Fashionable, fun and comfortable with microfiber backing and quick release buckles.

A fun and fashionable way to carry your camera, the ProMaster Tapestry Strap is sure to grab some attention and be a conversation starter. It is also highly adjustable so you can set it to the most useable length, between 36" and 58". Due to the maximum length this strap can also be used cross-body style for most people. 

The B&W pattern creates a simple and elegant appearance with a clean look.

The 2-layer design mates a soft, microfiber backing to the patterned fabric so you can carry your camera in comfort, even when the strap is directly touching your skin.

Strong quick release buckles are used at both ends. These buckles not only allow for quick removal or attachment of the strap; they also form a carry handle when the neck strap is not needed. Just clip the ends that remain attached to the camera together. It is worth mentioning these quick release buckles are the same on all ProMaster Tapestry straps as well as Contour straps. So, once you have attached the ends to a camera you can easily switch between any of these straps in just seconds.

Key Features:

  • Eye catching design
  • Comfortable microfiber backing
  • Adjustable length 36" to 58"
  • Quick release buckles for easy strap removal. Also converts to a hand strap.

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