Promaster Rope Strap 43" - Black

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Simple and elegant with a special weave designed for comfort.

Some rope straps have a coarse feel, but not so with ProMaster Rope Straps. We searched far and wide to locate a superb material that is soft yet durable, with a unique weave pattern that feels comfortable against your skin. This material also has just a little bit of stretchiness... for added comfort. And it's water resistant too!

This strap connects to your camera's lugs using split ring connectors. Each connection is made through a small "window" in the tab at the end of the strap. This method helps protect your camera from scratches by keeping the connectors from rubbing against the camera.

Please note, rope straps are not adjustable for length. This strap is 43" with some ability to stretch.

Key Features:

  • Soft material and special weave designed for comfort
  • Split ring connectors with window tabs protect your camera from scratches
  • Slightly stretchy for shock absorption
  • 43" fixed length

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