ProMaster Drawstring Lens Pouch 11" x 4.5"

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A soft, protective pouch with a quick, convenient drawstring closure for lenses up to 11” tall by 4.5” wide.

ProMaster Drawstring Lens Pouches are a lightweight, slender, non-bulky, means of storing, hauling, and protecting your lenses. The main body of the pouch is constructed of soft neoprene while the top of the pouch has a drawstring closure made of polyester. It is designed so the top can be cinched closed without causing the pouch to bunch up and loose valuable storage space. When the top is open the pouch maintains its shape and structure making it easy to slide a lens in or out. The drawstring top can also be folded over making it even quicker and easier to move lenses in and out… a great feature for fast lens changes on-location.

The back of each ProMaster Drawstring Lens Pouch has a belt loop sewn-in along with a smaller loop that works with the included carabiner. These provide multiple options for attaching and hanging the pouch. Inside you will find a semi-rigid disc placed in the bottom of the pouch. This disc offers additional lens protection while stiffening the base. It can be removed to create a more malleable feel to the pouch if so desired.

ProMaster Drawstring Lens Pouches are available in a variety of sizes, so be sure to check all of the options to find the best fit for your precious glass.


  • Drawstring closure is quick and doesn’t bunch up
  • Protects against dust, dirt, and bumps
  • Made of soft, non-abrasive neoprene
  • Includes a convenient carabiner for quick attachment
  • Has a built-in belt loop
  • Removable foam stiffener in base lets you choose a rigid or soft structure

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