OM SYSTEM OM-1 Mark II Mirrorless Camera

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Introducing the OM SYSTEM OM-1 Mark II Mirrorless Camera, the Micro Four Thirds Flagship that takes your photography and videography to new heights. Built on the success of its predecessor, the OM-1 Mark II is a powerful second iteration featuring a 20MP stacked BSI Live MOS sensor and TruePic X processor, ensuring superior image quality, rapid autofocus, and exceptional low-light performance with a native ISO range of 200 to 102,400.

Ideal for wildlife and nature photography, the OM-1 Mark II's Micro Four Thirds system offers a closer view of your subjects, while the 5-axis in-body image stabilization enhances sharpness when shooting handheld. This camera is your reliable workhorse, providing mobility, precision, and stunning results in both image and video capture.

The Cross Quad Pixel AF system, with 1053 individual focus points, empowers the OM-1 Mark II to catch focus almost anywhere on the sensor. Whether it's birds, humans, animals, cars, airplanes, or trains, this advanced autofocus system ensures high-speed and reliable focusing performance, thanks to the innovative Cross Quad Pixel AF algorithm combined with the TruePic X processor.

Noteworthy upgrades in the Mark II include enhanced AI subject detection for humans, live graduated neutral density filters, updated menu configuration, 14-bit raw output, and rubberized dials for a more tactile feel. The camera boasts a 20% increase in image stabilization, offering an impressive 8.5 EV stops of compensation.

Designed for the elements, the OM-1 Mark II is IP53 rated, making it freeze-proof, dust and splash-resistant, and operable at temperatures as low as 14°F. It's your reliable companion in the harshest conditions in the field.

Capture stunning videos with DCI & UHD 4K recording support at up to 60p and 10-bit 4:2:0 sampling. Full HD recording is possible at high-speed rates up to 240 fps for captivating slow-motion playback. Vertical video support provides additional compositional options, saving you time in post-production.

The Live ND function, supporting up to ND128, digitally simulates the effects of an optical neutral density filter, allowing you to create slow shutter speed effects. With Live ND, you can preview the effects through the viewfinder and on the swivel touchscreen LCD.

Enjoy the convenience of dual UHS-II SD card slots for extended shooting situations, focus stacking up to 15 shots, focus bracketing up to 999 shots, and improved Human AI subject detection AF that covers humans, birds, dogs, cats, cars, motorcycles, airplanes, helicopters, and trains.

Elevate your photography with the OM SYSTEM OM-1 Mark II Mirrorless Camera – where innovation meets reliability for an unparalleled imaging experience.

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