Transforming a Space Through Photography & Soft Seating

     “Environment matters. The way our surroundings "feel" impacts the way that we interact with our environment and others throughout the day. When there is an intentional focus on the design of a space it has the ability to foster collaboration, connection, learning, and creativity.”


     This is the belief of Fōmcore, a company right here in Muskegon.  They believe that amazing things can happen when spaces that foster collaboration and creativity are created. Fōmcore aims to accomplish this goal of creating unique spaces in schools and at work by manufacturing innovative furniture. They say they are committed and driven to make spaces more creative and collaborative with their soft seating. When they looked at the new building that they recently moved into, it was looking a little bare. They spruced up their environment by implementing their soft seating everywhere. During our visit, we noticed that many of the employees were sitting on what they call “rounds.” There was a variety of different models around the main lobby of their office space. Fōmcore, believing in their products, was able to begin the process of creating an environment that fostered the creativity and collaboration that they desired for their staff but there was still one thing missing. Some of the walls were left empty.


     Realizing that every part of a space should be intentional because it impacts our interactions throughout the day, Fōmcore sought to find a creative solution for their empty walls. Heidi, the customer service manager who led this project, wanted to implement her coworkers' creativity into this project. This brought her to Lucy, their social media intern for the summer, and Dave, their Regional Director of Sales for the West. Lucy used her gift of photography to capture three important parts of Fōmcore. First, she photographed the thread. What is used to hold all of their soft seating together can also represent their team. Without quality and strong thread, the furniture would fall apart. The strong and gifted team at Fōmcore represents what it takes to hold the business together because it is widely believed that a business is only as good as the people who are a part of it. Second, Lucy captured the act of sewing. She captured just a small snippet of the level of detail in each piece of furniture that Fōmcore produces. Sewing is only one gear of many that when brought together to run in unison, make the machine of manufacturing run beautifully. Lastly, a portion of the rack of textiles was captured. All of Fōmcore’s furniture is covered in many different types of fabric. Fōmcore uses both durable and creative textiles to stand up against years of wear as well as help captivate and cultivate the minds of those who interact with their furniture.      


     Heidi wanted to use Lucy's photos to mount them onto a special design that was created by Dave to hang up on their walls. Fōmcore makes a lot of seating for schools and they aim to use their seating as a foundational element of students' learning and growth. In a goal to create this fun environment of learning, Dave created a special design for a product they call, "The Conversational Lily Pad." The Lily pad can be described as a revamped carpet square that is designed as floor seating for students. Dave drew the design that is behind Lucy's photos to be used as a tool in the classroom. When applied to the Lily Pads, the Conversational Lily was born to foster thoughtful conversation and positive self-reflection. Heidi says the design implements questions like, "What traits do you look for in a friend?" and "Something I am grateful for today is..." They aim to open up a space for students and teachers to share and grow. When implemented behind Lucy's photographs, it creates a border that is not just for show but one they hope sparks inspiration and creativity in their office.


     Lucy bought her first camera from The Camera Shop of Muskegon six years ago and says she has always had a great experience with the shop so when the overall idea of collaboration with local business was brought up, Heidi and Lucy suggested working with the shop as it was important to Fōmcore to keep things local. Lucy used our online website to order the prints saying it was easy to navigate and order. The Camera Shop was then able to use our new wide format printer to produce accurate and sharp prints that when hung up at Fōmcore 's office, complete its space of creativity and collaboration. Fōmcore was able to accomplish its goal of creating an intentional and complete space through the help of photography, soft seating, & The Camera Shop's photo lab. At The Camera Shop, we make it our priority to find what is right for our customers whether it is a new camera or the right prints to transform your space. It is our goal to have every customer walk out of our door satisfied, inspired, & equipped for whatever project or hobby they are cultivating!


     Are you wondering how you can create an environment that fosters creativity and collaboration? Using the mixture of Fōmcore 's soft seating and The Camera Shop's photo lab, you can create a space that you will love! Visit us at the shop, in-store or online on our website to order prints and transform your creative spaces today!


We look forward to working with you!

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Written by:

Jonathon Lipscombe

Social Media Coordinator for The Camera Shop of Muskegon




In Collaboration with:

Heidi Lipscombe and Lucy Carpenter

Customer Service Manager and Social Media Intern for Fōmcore.


Brandon Fecteau

Website Developer & eBay Manager for The Camera Shop of Muskegon

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