Shop Stories: Finding Community in Cameras

          These unprecedented times have brought on a lot of change in the last few months. We have been forced to stay home to keep ourselves and each other safe. Many businesses have had to figure out how to transition to working from home and churches have faced their own kind of struggle. Many churches have had to figure out how to do services online. Many have tried live streaming but have had to settle for prerecording their services due to not having the proper equipment.


            Fellowship Church of Muskegon is one church that felt this struggle. Fellowship liked the personality of live streaming as they felt it was closer to being in person than prerecorded services but they knew they would need to invest in a new camera to accomplish this task. This is where they started their journey of seeking to find a new camera that could handle live-streaming their services as well as many other plans they had for the kit. Being a community-oriented church, Fellowship was looking for a camera that not only would sit on a tripod during church services but one that could be used to photograph their many events and other projects they do throughout the community. The church created a list of features that this new camera needed to have to fulfill the church's needs best. This new camera needed to be able to shoot video in 4K, it needed to be able to take good photos as well as have the capability to live stream, and finally, it needed to be able to last. Not wanting to have to reinvest in a new camera too soon, Fellowship was looking for a camera that they would be able to use for the next 10 years.


            Fellowship's research brought them to the Nikon Z7, Nikon's flagship full-frame, mirrorless camera. Already owning an older Nikon DSLR and having many generous Nikon shooters in their congregation willing to let them borrow lens and other Nikon accessories, they decided the Nikon Z7 would be the perfect new addition to their church's media kit.


            Being a community-centered church, wanted to shop local for their new Nikon Z7. This brought Valerie, Fellowship's leader of Worship & Discipleship Ministries, to our shop last week. After talking with our camera expert, Justin, she decided to get the Nikon Z7, 24-70mm kit, giving the church a great package to start their live-streaming!


            I visited Fellowship Church of Muskegon this week to see how the new camera transition was going and Valerie had this to say, "The Nikon Z7 is instantly a significant improvement from the older DSLR we were using. The greater Clarity and Color are noticeable instantly. There are things on our live feed that are showing up that were never able to be seen before! I love that you can have three different settings preset saved so whether we are live streaming or taking photos inside or outside, we can change the preset so it is ready to go for whoever may be using it. Our goal is to have this camera be as easy to use as possible so that I can hand it off to any of our volunteers that may be helping us capture a moment and the settings preset help to accomplish that goal!"


            We are excited that we were able to help Fellowship Church of Muskegon start their live-streaming and get them on their way to building their online community with their new Nikon Z7!


            Do you have a question about how to start your own live streaming or are you not sure what camera you should upgrade to next? Call us Mon-Fri, 10 AM-4 PM to talk to our expert, Justin, and we would be happy to answer any questions you may have and get you on your way to capturing your next adventure or church service!


We hope to see you soon!

Shop Local. Shop Muskegon.


Written by:

Jonathon Lipscombe

Social Media Coordinator for the Camera Shop of Muskegon

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